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Malaysia Visa Check Online by Passport Number & Immigration Review 2017

Need Malaysia Visa Check Status Online by only the passport number? Are you want to check another Malay visa status such as Malaysia Calling Visa, Malaysia Tourist Visa, Malaysia Student Visa, Malaysia Work Permit, Malaysia Professional Visa? If Yes! you have reached an excellent useful and informative place to know about all kinds of Malaysia Immigration Review. Basically recently people mostly want Malaysia Calling Visa Check. Workers also want their work permit check. A visa specialist team will tell you the A to Z information of Malaysia Immigration Review like- visa process, fee, requirement, ticket booking, and flight etc all everything. So join us and ask anything from your mind to our visa specialist team. We will try to help you in the quickest time. Let’s go>

Malaysia Visa Check and Immigration Review 2017

Here our head of the team describes step by step about the visa check and immigration details of 2017. We try to take us update always. So keep your eye always or minimum one in a week must. Firstly we think to share the-

Eligibility for Malaysia Visa Applicant- Online Medical Test

To get a work permit such as a Malaysia Calling Visa or A Malaysia Professional Visa, the worker/applicant need a good body structure with a healthy health. No disease allowed on the medical inspection. Applicant needs successfully pass the all medical test. The medical test is not like the old type testing. Nowadays it is very hard. Everybody check/medical test report accomplished with online! As a result, people say, this an online medical report 🙂

Finger Prints of Malaysia Visa Applicant

Figure Prints is very important things for any immigration. In the earlier of 2017, only left hand’s thumb impression was required to pass the fingerprint test. But from the May 2017, the Malay immigration authority takes the 10 figures impression! This process is 10x harder than old figure print process.

How to Apply for a Malaysia Visa?

Go to a registrant visa agency and apply via them. It is very easy. But don’t give your money to a fake agent. Just check and find out a register visa agency near you and give your passport them to apply. Beforehand over the passport copy; take a color photocopy first and safely save the photocopy paper. It is important too! Remember that- If you get a work permit type visa; you should be done the Malaysia Visa Check process in online. For the student visa- you can be done it by passport number only.

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How much time takes to process a visa?

Generally a worker visa like calling visa or professional visa take minimum 15 days to maximum 2 months 15 days. Within this time, I hope you will get your work permit sticker. Student visa takes as like the working visa also! But tourist visa process time has no minimum or maximum time security.

Plane Ticket Booking and Flight Route

Book your plane ticket and make sure your flight. You can go to the Malaysia airport on a direct flight. But clearly, talk to your ticket provider about the flight route and airline. Because some airline’s flights take an intermission in Singapore. Talk your ticket broker about this, before booking a flight ticket. You should be careful from the Malaysian Airlines. Because this Malaysian Airlines hijacked also!

Malaysia Visa Check Status Online by Passport Number only

Recently, the South Asain countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan & other countries peoples are like to process and get a Malaysia Calling visa. Though some peoples are like the Malaysia Professional Visa still now!

Malaysia Calling Visa Check

Here is the link (JABATAN IMIGRESEN MALAYSIA) to check the calling visas. The Official Portal of Immigration Department of The Government of Malaysia (Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia) has been creat the web-based online Malaysia Visa Check Software for every worker! The Immigration authority always tries to help you to easily check Malaysia visa in online. You don’t need to go to any other office or embassy for Malasia Immigration Check Visa Status. Just use the online method of myimms e services of 2017.

Malaysia Calling Visa Check Status Online

See the Image above. It is a successful calling visa check information’s screenshot! So Analise the image deeply. Firstly Type the Visa Application Number (Nombor Permohanan- find form the visa sticker or visa copy) box and then Click submit (Carian). Within few seconds you can see your visa fake or original. Calling is one kind of group visa. In a calling visa page, there are minimum 15 to 25 visa is attached.

Tip for you: The Nombor Permohanan is like BAP/FWCMS/GFAV258694551

Malaysia Professional Visa Check

Check a Malaysia professional visa by your passport number and the visa application number. Ask you visa agency to get the visa application number. And then go this link (my IMMs e-Services).

Malaysia Professional Visa Check

Now type your visa application number on the Nombor Permohanan input box, Type your Passport/Travel Documen Nomber and select your nationality/country such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India or others. Finally, click the Carian/Submit to get professional visa information. NoteBook: Please be careful if you are a Bangladesh Malay worker. Because from 2009 to 2017, there are a lot of Bangladesh visa cuts by Malaysia.

Print the Malaysia Visa Check papers

Click on the link of Status Permohonan and print your Malaysia Visa Status online’s copy! Isn’t easy? I think this process is one of the worlds most easy work. So go ahead with a good confidence and believing in Allah to get success.

Malaysia Student Visa check easily in online by only Passport Number

Another world’s most easy work! Just go to this link (Here) and type your passport number and select your country from the drop-down menu. Then click submit and see your student visa fake or original! It needs the 10second cost to check a Malaysia Student Visa check!

Malaysia Tourist Visa Check

This visa check system is not available online yet! But our team members are searching the Malaysia Tourist Visa Check link madly. Don’t worry, if we inform about the online checking process; we will inform you as soon as possible. So stay with us.

We recommended- Please Check your every kind of Malaysia Visa. We think You have already learned the Malaysia Visa Check Status online process. Please share this super article with your friends and family member. Finally, we want to say- give us your advice, complaint or any other opinion via the comment box.

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